Maya: Official Concept: Safe

Inspired by several kinds of safe boxes/ chests..

Added bevel on lid after reading comment...
I'll work on lowering the poly count for the box soon

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  1. Nice job on the model, but a few things come to mind :

    1- watch for the 5 sided faces on the top corners there.
    2- Are you going to smooth (subdivide) this model for the final render? If so , you will need to add some further loops onto the corners in order to keep its shape upon smoothing.
    3- The handle seems very dense in geometry when compared to the rest of the box, now it depends how much you'll have in your scene, but if it's going to be a complex scene you will want to try and save polys on small objects such as that. I would suggest cutting them down a bit and then just subdividing it prior to rendering.

    Now when it comes to subdividing things, look at the dice tutorial for more information regarding the extra geometry needed to get a good smooth. On something such as a wooden box, it might not be neccassery to do so though. In which case, you should still bevel the edges at the very least so that they catch the light and give you a nicer render.


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