Rosemary's Baby Review

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Rosemary's baby(1968) 
Starring Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes and Ruth Gordon Directed by Roman Polanski.

Rosemary's baby goes around the psychological bend in making the viewers as paranoid as the heroine, makes the audience struggle with characters by  making us try and guess who and who is not against her.

While there they were trying to conceive but before they had intercourse they had a dinner which consisted of black Lamb, considering black is always linked with something bad one begins to believe that maybe that was the beginning of the 'ritual'.

(Noted something interesting, before the wife and husband arrived at their new home, she was 'Ironically wearing white' sign of purity, she gave birth to a less pure kid, after having a supposed dream which turns out not to be a dream, only realised by her very later on.)

I agree with Casey Murray's point when he says "The fantastic thing about ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ is the fact that the film comes across as if it truly could happen, and the characters in it are all so remarkably believable. Polanski takes a most odd situation and makes it completely believable, right up to the end." (Murray.2011)

At the end of the movie when all is said and done, ater she had been used by the one she cared most about and random strangers she is 'allowed' to see her baby,and what does she do when she see's what one can only assume an abomination she stands there and rocks the crib.

Its baffling after all thats happened to her and being raped just to get the 'Baby' she suddenly dosent care what  they did any more and 'wants' to take care of it? if Polanski was trying to play the maternal instinct angle    one would believe it doesn't work like that.
(So much so  I was expecting her to kill it, and was very surprised).

Reviewer 'Welsh_Girl' brought up an interesting observation
 "What struck me most about this film is something that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet which is the use of colour. For a large section of the film, the overwhelmingly predominant colour is yellow, traditionally the colour of Satan. Then, as the birth draws near and after the birth, blue is brought in, an allusion to the Virgin Mary. There are many scenes symbolically comparing her to Mary, notably one while she is giving birth with her head on a pillow with yellow stripes on it so it appears she has a halo. There are so many things like that to notice". (Welsh_Girl.2000)

As noted by reviewer Tim Derks, this movie not only in itself was almost a foreshadowing for Polanski in real life "The incredible irony of the film was that the plot would be similarly played out a year later - Polanski's pregnant actress/wife Sharon Tate would be terrorized and murdered by the strange cult of Charles Manson followers in her Benedict Canyon home."(Derks.2010)

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