Photoshop tut: Making texture Tiles

For future ref:
- Hold shift and Drag with crop tool (to make the c tool stay square)
- Go to image settings and make it 512 (in pixels)
- go to FIlter: Other Offset, Make it 256 - 0256

- Using transform tool shrink it to about half the size then duplicate 3 times.

 With assistance I managed to get a nice tile.
The original gradient was a little of so in order to fix this T.Phil :
-Went to gradient
-Chose the half transparent gradient tool
-Went to mask tool
- Pulled the gradient down the side with a darker tone
- Went to levels (alatred left tab, then right)
-*Ctrl H to hide selection*
- Later desaturated it due to other colour imbalances
-Applied colour later with HUE, etc

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