Looking at provided PDF's

I looked at the, felt very enthusiastic as I've always wanted to draw western style, but was stuck in the anime world,  from reading the Andrew Loomis book I finally understand the ball of the head shape we draw.

In anime drawings we feet the entire face into that ball, but in western its everything but the lower jaw, and from that I've been finally getting the hang of it ^_^

(Especially like the first head on the second Line, and the side head at the end on the second Line)
The second Line is the beginning of my character designs

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  1. indeed, Japanese anime style is quite specific just like Disney or any other style, I think your are doing good by stepping out your security zone, Also dont forget that it is different types of character design, they range in a scale of stylisation, so if your world in your animation belongs to comedy, you should think to allow some stylisation to your characters for instance, you got a sculptor as the character, you can consider what they use, for instance hands, so maybe stylise the character in that way, my tip is to find the world you want your animation ( art direction), and then apply to design the over all animation,

    Good Luck with it !

    Also Andrew Loomis' book is really good, I had a look at it lately... a good guide to draw human form without using life drawing.


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