Unit:4 Storytelling

I forgot to put up my 'Story', so here it is I got:

- Light House
-Grappling Hook

So far my idea is as follows:  There is a guy in a old fashioned like light house, he's in thee because he was 'outcast' (not sure why yet). We see flashbacks of him as a child sculpting things, then were brought back to so of the things he had recently made while in the 'light house'. In one scene we see one of his previously made objects with a crack in it (foreshadowing). He eventually gets desperate enough to attempt an escape in which he sculpts a 'grappling hook', he gradually plucks the courage to try and climb out of the 'Light house's' window, we see the grappling hook begin to crack, then snaps, He falls into the mist (because its a very tall light house), we are then left with a beautiful light house in a musky dawn atmosphere...

(I can't wait to get started ^0^ )


  1. Hey Lyn-Dae - great to see you getting stuck in - but don't get 'stuck' - you've got a writing partner remember, and lots of briefings too - keep this part of the process in motion at this stage...

  2. Interesting idea - I like the pathos
    Have you had any other story ideas?


Important Criticism