René Design Change

After talking with Alan I realise to get my story to be understood I need to make my main character René someone who does not have 'time' to see their parents/Mother.

The example he gave me was of a office working fellow who's job would easier if he didn't have to travel to see his Mother on Mothers Day.

Originally he was going to be a bad guy, i.e. gangster who did care about his mother but not enough to visit so in seeing the little girl and how see had lost her mother she would soften him and stop him from treating his mother like she was already dead.

I personally like the contrast between the 'bad' man and the little girl, because then the story would be covering to morals, the first would be; to show love to the important ones around you and the second is that when it comes down to it regardless of who you are parents/Mothers are very important so tell them while they are around. 
(They can be described as the same thing however separately they are both valid for my story.)

Alan's example of an overworked man was to make the audience relate to the man and hopefully immediately grasp the situation. However even with my original character I can still portray what Alan thinks I should as well as covering more areas.

The audience would see a different side to an unlikely character, gangster René would have a major life turnaround when he sees Roux and her late Mother. He would break the tough guy stereotype and care about someone other than himself (Roux) She makes him human again. 

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