Maya Tut: Dynamics

Cloud Dynamics

Had a strange colour problem, even though the same hue was used as in the video it gave me some kind of pink..

Adjusting the lower light intensity to 9 gave me this final fantasy looking cloud~

Renders of blimp Colliding correctly with the cloud.


The cloud in action~

Explosion Dynamic

Bomb Fuse Dynamic

Fire-wheel Dynamic

ShockWave Dynamic

Island shore Dynamic

Air Vent Steam Dynamic

Rain Dynamic

Fireworks Dynamic

Sparks Dynamics

Had far to many problems with this one, the FX in the end refused to render out.

Bowling Dynamic
I could not render or playblast this one. I'm not sure if there's a problem with the file itself or if its the school computers but I was able to print screen it.

Oil Barrel

Dissolving Can

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