Unit 6: ResearchTarget Audeince

I want to focus on the 2 and 3rd theme which is about the Antibodies and their routine of stopping out Antigens, My target audience will be children and up, because adults enjoy cartoons too. 

My childhood has come in handy once more, my parents own books entitled "How my Body Works" which was aimed at a younger audience to make the body seem interesting and worth learning about, the book was based on the animated series Once upon a time...life (Albert Barlle 1987)

I want to take their way of looking at the human body and convert it into a 3D format. I mainly love the character designs, and would like to make my own simplified versions to help my story~
                                                    Part One of Once Upon a time....Life: Bone Marrow


  1. Hey Lyn-Dae - great to see you getting started - but I want you NOT to locked in and locked down. You have a tendency not to interrogate your own thinking, and I want you to really keep your mind open to alternate approaches, styles and art direction. And I want you to watch your own judgements very carefully. Also - one of the reasons why you have such 'inner-space' scenarios is to avoid - at this stage - and complex character models/rigs. This project is about quality of execution first and foremost, so don't opt for an approach you're unable to accomplish. Fine - simple personifications and anthropomorphic characters can work, but be realistic and be discerning.

  2. I think I understand.. Altough I'm not so sure about being able to personify characters (simply) and keep it realistic..

    Its kind of confusing, I think I may have to see if I can talk to you about it on Monday hopefully.


Important Criticism