Time Machine Essay Idea: Plato

After being put on the right, and then talking to father about philosophers path I got an idea  'Platos' name came up and The Ring of Gyges, mentioned in his second book, a refrence to it was Lord of the Rings and that is when it clicked.

My essay will be about Plato philosophized that good people only behave good because they can be seen, but if they had a ring that turned them invisible they would become immoral. We can see Pete Jacksons take on this by how whenever Frodo or anyone puts the ring on they seem to become evil but in fact its just they no have no consequences and in terms of Freuds' idea of our mental state, the ID side would be dominate where we steal, kill etc.

'Through the story of the ring, Republic discusses whether a typical person would be moral if he did not have to fear the consequences of his actions.'


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