Character notes

While talking about my W.Cell and Virus it was noted that my virus looked more attractive, after that interesting realisation I decided there is a reason why the virus is more attractive. Just like in real life when we do get sick because the body either couldn't detect the virus etc,  the body's unaware that a virus is floating around and, looking at it in terms of my story, The virus looks "beautiful" so to unknowing cells it takes them a while to realise.

~The virus's deception is helped by its beauty~


  1. sorry, Lyn-Dae, but this reasoning sounds false to me - as if you're trying to justify an unsuccessful design that you personally like and are unwilling to change. In story terms, your virus must function as the antagonist, and thereby its design must signal its status unambiguously. This is a character design basic and if you confuse your audience, your story will fail to communicate effectively. There's a reason that the big studios have just established systems of colour and shape by which to very quickly teach audiences as to who are the good guys and who are the bad. I suggest you start working with silhouettes and size comparison sheets etc to ensure you have 3 characters that are a) sufficiently distinct, and b) sufficiently communicative of their roles.


Important Criticism