Winsor Mccay (1867-1934)


A well known man who could also be thought of as the originator for 2D animation, before there were any other such means to animate drawings " he spent four years and produced four thousand individual drawings in making his first animated cartoon 'Little Nemo', completing it in 1911" (Michael Brooke)


Although in 1913 Mccay created his biggest cartoon success 'Gertie the Dinosaur' .

he influenced:
- (less known) Chris Ware: who is a cartoonist influenced by both Mccay and  Charles Schulz's post-WWII  strip Peanuts
- A man called Joshua Glenn, of the boston Globe created a presentation pointing out Mccay's influence on cinema i.e. King Kong, Dumbo and Mary poppins for example.
-William Joyce, André LeBlanc, Moebius, Maurice Sendak, Chris Ware and Bill Watterson.

and was influenced by:
John Goodison formaliy a glass stainer he taught Mccay at  Eastern Michigan University


Illustration List:

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