Revised 3 act story structure of: Fenar The astonished Penny Farthing

Revised 3 act structure of: Fenar The Astonished Penny Farthing


  1. Hi! Something weird has happened with text above....! :)

  2. Hi Lyn dae thanks for ur previous comment I really liked ur previz also it was great to see the movement more clearly well done! :)

  3. I think you posted this HTML in the other tab.
    Just dropping by as your writing partner to say 'Hello!', I'll try and catch you round for a meet up :)

  4. Thank you Jono & Jackie, (I did it late at night at didn't even notice)

    That sounds great Jono, especialy since I'll be in the halls of residence for a least a day or so, maybe we could have a quick chat then ^-^


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