Norman McLaren ( 1914-1987)

Norman McLaren was a well known film director for his work for the 'National Film Board for Canada'.
His style of animation and filmaking varried from: abstract animation, Visual Music, Pixelation, graphical sounds and drawn on film animation.

Pas de Deux (1968) "This is a black and white film of a simple ballet performance transformed by its presentation to yield something that could only exist on film. Careful lighting, an atmospheric score, judicious use of slow motion and the stunning application of optical printing to multiply and mirror the figures makes one of the best ballet films I’ve ever seen; it was also one of McLaren’s personal favourites among his many films."
- Coulthart.2008

He was also awarded a BAFTA award for Pas de Deux.

1. John Coulthart. 2008.

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