Animation Timeline: Bill Plympton (1946 - Present)

Bill Plympton is an american animator and former cartoonist director. His style of animation includes a lot of witty humor and in one of his shorts, How to kiss (1989) a simple white background so the viewers focus is only on the strange malleable humans in front of them. A nice aspect of all of Plypmton's work is that he puts a comic spin on things we've seen and have probably thought a comedic thing about but Plympton actually animates and brings this charm to all his work.

He also created a nonsensical animated feature move called Tune (1992) in which a man with only 47 minutes to create a tune ended up with a creative block which took him to towns like Flooby Nobody, where it seemed like everyone was signing. His journey was amusing to watch as well as the very interesting characters he met along the way.

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