Photoshop Tutorial

I did participate in the photoshop tutorial and I found it extremely hard. (Which I was rather suprised to find). My whole teaching in photoshop was to have your lineart done first then colour in after, where as here we were told to, "act as if we were sculptors" and took a large black smudge and, with the help of erasers, were to mold our anthro.

I would definetly Like to improve my skill at this kind work.

In the beginning I was "precious" with my work, and later learned that there would be no mistake and continue with even if i didn't like it.

(Just noticed the extra s-horse in the background...)
I then tried using the overlay option and picked a colour closely related to my character..


  1. The colour is definitely impactful, was great to watch you build up on this in our Photoshop session.

  2. Ah thank you. At the time it really felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with the picture.


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