The fly 2

We saw the fly 2 the other day which was created by David CronenBerg.

A few notes I picked up were:
Its a body horror movie which changes the approach to the film

i.e 1st Movie = Mask
     2nd movie = visable prelogned transformation
(In which case the resulting organism isnt immediatly recognisable).

There were more hints refering to 'playing as god'.

A main difference between fly 1 & 2:
  • fly 1 - After teleportation the fly was still alive.
  • fly 2 - After telportation the fly got fused and was no more
After the fusion the main character said "I've gotten much much worse". (Like hes got a disease).
he also said "It must be some bizzare form of cancer".

In relation to this there were speculation on whether or not David Cronenberg was attempting to make this 'fly' sequal related to sexually transmitted diseases and when thought about linking the clues are rather easy.

'They start of normal then mutate'
Simular to how we've been told Hiv/Aids creeps over the unspecting carriers, They are fine for a while and then symptoms begin to show.

"Disease with a purpose".

The main thing which is useful to my work which the film portrays is the transformation.
The director thought about the transofromation logicially, and as such made certain stages relevant to a fly's characteristic i.e.:
  • fly's dont have teeth = He slowely loses his teeth and gains ability to throw up at will
  • Flies have no nails = Able to peel nails off, (in a rather graphc way, people seem most squimish at that part become we all know that nails can't and shouldn't peel off all together so seeing such a concept is unimaginable).

We ended up talking about "The Fly 1" again before the movie started and one thing I had noticed but didnt fully think about was the fact the woman moved onto her husband's brother instantely after his gruesome death.

(we were told that back then an incompletly family was unthinkable back then and would rather not be acknowledge which is why we have that ending).

However in my mind it just seemed like the brother was habing "relations with his brother's wife behind his back."

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