La Belle et la Bête (1946)

The film we watched was called la Belle la Bête a french live action of the beaty and the beast.

Plot: This movie is a take on The beauty and the beast. The creator of this french version was called Jean cocteau. His movie followed the idea of la Belle la Bête, but unlike the disney version. Showed a different side of things.

I.e. Throughout La Belle's entire time there she called la Bête ugly several times, including her father.
and when he asked she told him he was to ugly to even consider it.
Showing that no matter how "nice la Belle is" compared to her sisters affection is skin deep.
It was only after he transformed into a "Gorgeous prince" did she stop behaving as a Independant woman, and became a floppy girl swooning over a prince.
When La Belle got to the castle, every single object which happened to be cloth would be blowing as if there was a strong continuous enchating gust of wind. Before she entered her cape was blowing creating a lovely fluid motion. Once she got inside all the curtains were blowing towards her ever so softly, and like  is depicted in many cartoon movies, she wasn't physically moving, it was to appear as if she was being brought through the corridor by the house itself, going along with the house is alive thing.

Something I noticed about halfway throught this piece is that la Bête is quite a dispicable character. he threated La Belle's father and told him to bring a daughter in his place, firstly whydidn't he just never go back into the woods it did appear la Bête  would never leave his home parimiter.

2ndly Once la Bête finally got La Belle, he was trying to make this stranger love him. Why did he not kill her like he said he would!?
Its like he tricked her father into giving away a daughter because he wanted a companion.

It did appear to me like he was incredibly subserveant to Belle, she became what it seemed he wanted which was a dominatrix. He would say "I will do what you ask me" and would ask her in a quite, delicate voice "Please do not gaze upon me".
It was strange...

The ending of the film seemed sad and rushed. Sad because the mislead 'avenant' attempted to steal from  la Bête with the key her misrable sister stole from her. on that note one thing I noticed was in all of these fairy tales if the main character happens to be female she and just happens to have sibling sisters, they are always older and horrible. I believe the creator of these fairy tales probably had very bad siblings/ knew of someone else who did.

But I digress, He got shot by a guardian protecting the tresure, and once he was shot he instantly turned into a beast; which makes me think maybe la Bête was just a theif who tried to get the riches in that place and didn't know that gaurdian was there at the time. "Neither you nor I can enter".

Once the Avenant was shot it was almost like they swapped physical appearance, so whoever that statue shot, la Bête  would of taken on thier face.

It felt rushed because after the shooting he wanted to take her to his kingdom at the end of it all ( I dont recall either one of them questioning why he was no longer la Bête) and they flew away into the sky. If he's kingdom was in the sky wasn't he up there already? was he punished by stealing treausre and sent to live down on earth untill he, somehow, gt changed back.

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