The Guyver

I was talking about How I used to watch the guyver when I was a child to a collegue and it dawned on me that the guyver, despite its gruesome ways actually had anthropopes, The way they transformed was rather disgusting, they would just burst/rip the flesh away from the human body, depending on what creature they could turn into theire eyes would become bulbusy before they ripped opened to reveal a disgusting blood seeking animal.

The guyver was based around a "bio suited armor" which was contained in box with things which looked like worms around an old film reel, the worm things moved too.
once it graphted on to its host, namely Sho they would have the bug inside of them and would be able to activate it at will.

When you see the intro (if you dont watch the anime) you'll see that he has two unsual prongs (maybe) that move like insect raidars that behave as ears I think (don't really remeber) They could move backwards and forwards on his head. concluding that His bio suit was also possibly some sort of animal ish suit..

If you've never seen it i suggest you should, (I have heard of a human acted one as well staring mgs's own snake voice actor) but never seen it.
But the cartoon is a must.

The guyver unlike many of the other films I've seen portraying man/animal hybrids, dosen'f use it in a sexual way. i.e. Minatours and other half man/animal mixtures are used to show sexuality/ ferilatiy..
however the guyver uses it to described them as losing a concience/soul when they change, they are left as feroscious beasts.


  1. :) i think this is the first Anime i ever watched ... Love it.^,^

  2. Its nice to know another guyver lover out there <3


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