@Phil :Rhea's pre sequence

The pictures are in order of 1st to last. (top = first half bottom = end)

Do you think this order is ok?
Should I remove the writing/ titles on these pictures (and Miri's)?


  1. Hi Lyn-Dae,

    Yep - order seems good to me, and yes, I forget to say in the last post that removing the text on all sheets will allow the work to feel more 'galleried' and clean. All I'd suggest is that maybe you should think about showing fewer of your iterations - or rather think of it as making more of less drawings - so, for example, thinking about the portrait ratio, 3 full figure Rheas in a row will look more impactful than lots of smaller full figure drawings, for example; likewise - all those early head shots - perhaps think about making a further edit so at some points a single drawing can fill the screen or be used more self-importantly. This is just a suggestion, but it comes down to really making the best use of that flipped plasma screen's aspect ratio.

    1. Hm, ok.
      So I guess in having fewer iterations I'd have to decide (in a section) which ones will look the best in a row?
      Like the heads for instance I'd only have 3?

      Although, I do like the idea of people being able to see the amount of variations I have produced.

    2. Yes - but you also want people to 'see' your drawing ability and the expressiveness of your line, for example - so letting people to get 'closer' to a drawing (i.e. making it bigger. It's a balance, Lyn-Dae - see what you think, anyway.

    3. Ah ok I understand now.


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