@Phil :Miri's pre sequence

The pictures are in order of 1st to last. (top = first half bottom = end)

 1. (optional instead of the one below it)

 1 (optional instead of the one above it)






Do you think this order is ok?
And as for the number 1 picture; out of the expression sheet or the actual sketch for finding Miri's design which one do you think should be kept?


  1. Hey Lyn-Dae,

    Really enjoy your drawings - always have :) I think 'option 2' for slide 1 instead of 'option 1' - definitely. Personally, I'd resequence the slides so that the 3 hair studies follow slide 1, then continue with the clothing sheet, then the final Miri concept, followed by the turnaround, followed by the final image with cookie jar. This flow feels more logical to me; remember too, that you'll need to re-compose some of your slides so they work on the portrait aspect ratio - for example, that first slide of the various face studies - re-arranging them so they really make best use of the portrait canvas size. :)


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