Code Cookie: Miri's Transformation

After I had finished the animation I spent at least two days fixing the way Miri Looked, and I'm incredibly happy with the outcome :D


  1. Yep - she looks much fresher now, Lyn-Dae - now, how about plugging some rim-light in to pop her shape out a little bit more and give her a bit more definition in space? (Hah! Listen to me - 'plugging in some rim-light' - you should be proud of me!) :)

  2. I don't know that I agree Phil. No offence to you both of course, all personal experience.
    The new one feels very over lit and there's too much burn out on the hair, it also reads very flat. Whilst the old one feels a bit more 3D but rather dark and muggy. A rim light would be nice, and give more depth, but adding light on light might not be that great.
    Try a simple 3 point lighting technique, one light to her right and point down for the key light, this is the main light and it should cast some harsh shadows on one side of her, these shadows are then lit with another light, a fill light facing them that's not too bright, but enough to lift the shadows a bit. Then a final light opposite the key light should be the rim light, and should be the brightest.

    1. Morning Jon - I just meant that the old Miri looks a bit melancholy, and the new Miri a bit more 'Cbeebies' - in terms of her colours - she also looks flatter, which I guess is a result of the lighting being hard, but somehow 'flatter' here looks more story-bookish and illustrative as opposed to the plasticky cg of the previous. All of that said, I hope Lyn-Dae is enjoying the debate and is reflecting on her options. All good stuff! :)

    2. Fair point, it does feel very illustrative now indeed.
      Ultimately it comes down to the outcome that Lyn-Dae's after I guess :D I think the new, Illustrative one is far more visually appealing, but the hotspot on the hair is to bright for me.

    3. I Actually posted a reply but its no where to be seen. Ah well

      I wouldn't mind trying the idea of adding the lighting (at some point), but I was going for the flat look, because I didn't want her to look so "obviously' 3D.
      I remember Phil, you telling me to get her closer to her concept and I think she does now.

      I am thinking / making a version which has a slightly darker ambient / light though~

    4. Miri does indeed look more illustrative now, Lyn-Dae - I think a lot of her original charm has been popped back in - and that's fab. A bit more tweaking of the lighting to put some detail back into her hair? Sounds like a good idea to me too.


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