Art Direction Change

After having spoken to Alan my story has changed to be a short 'sweet' mini story with a moral.
*Although after telling a few people the story the moral appears to be subjective as well* 

The story I found was on a website called which has inspiring short story collections.
After looking at two of the stories on there I read one called Mothers-Day which has now become my muse for the transcription project.

It will involve two characters, a Man and a little girl. It will be set in 1900's france, I want the timeline to be broad to allow more room for an interesting design.

I was told about a film adaption of a book called Gigi, by colette set in france 1940's, so the base of my art direction will stem from that era and colour style from the book.
Alongside this I intend to make the environment look as if it were in a parisian town (i.e. cobbled flooring)

I will make a treatment for the story shortly before I create my animatic to see if my adapted layout works correctly.

Before that Influence maps for environment, art style and outfits will be created alongside full sketches of the characters.

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