Transcription Direction

For my Transcription project I have decided to take the animation route and my transcribed object will be from text.

The book I will be using is my mother's childhood book "A Book Of Ghost and Goblins".

(Scan of actual copy)

There are two stories in there that interest me but I cannot work out their storyboard completely as I would have to cut and change a few elements to make it fit 1 minute.

I will need confirmation if I'm allowed to slightly altar the text I'll be adapting to give me the full go ahead.

In terms of early ideas for art direction, I plan basing the design from 1910 because the drawings within the book use a certain cross hatched style (simular to the one below) which seem synonymis with olden style era's. 

I also want to include the book's overal worn look as part of the characters design, be it colour (the pages are flacky and brown) or overal look (the cover is cracked).

I am very excited to start this project, let the creativity commence! 

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