Modelling Dane pt5


  1. hi pixipui,

    In terms of topology it is much better than your previous attempt, i know it is still marching to a final model but you will need more geom on the eye, so you can apply blendshapes and deformations. The nose maybe from this angle seems to have a lot of geom running onto the top of the head. you would need to play around with the edges to make 4 side faces.

    Though i give you all the merit that without learning at uni to model characters you are self directing and doing a pretty good job.

    any questions about modelling just drop me a line on skype, at the moment im also modelling stuff so we can help each other.

  2. Thanks Ruben,

    I haven't been modeling for a few days but I intend to start back on wednesday to start doing a hand but I'll go back to the face and fix it as you've directed.

    If your on on Wednesday I would like to see if the corrections I make work~

    Thanks for the support :)


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