Creating Dane

After reading Phil's comments and being spoken to by family I realise that if I want to practice anything i.e. animation I should do it with characters I have created. (I have also been practicing drawing humans in the mean time and will upload as soon as I can). I want to use this and any other character I create for the Maya tutorials to better grasp what I am being taught.

So, right now I am modelling Dane from "The Adventures of Great Dane.

I was concerned with clothing on my character and weather or not to do it first but that was easily decided after I chose my reference for the 3D Dane which happens to be Disney's movie Tangled, which coincidentally was the original influence to help mold Dane in the beginning.

So I am aiming for a similar likeness to the 3D Models in Tangled.

Tangled Screenshots:

Dane Blockout:

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