New Plot

Plots summary #3:

The story revolves around Dane the sailor who has been sailing across the sea for miles in search of the legendary ‘treasured Lighthouse’. We meet him when he finally has the ‘treasure ‘in his sights. He’s armed with his trusty map, entitled ‘Location of the bronze lighthouse’, a rope and grappling hook as he had heard there were riches inside the beacon but not necessarily stairs as it was famed to be one of the most untraditional buildings in history; but little does Dane know that the lighthouse was only a “Treasured large sculpture”.

The journey is not as easy as Dane assumed it would be as he comes across a fearsome adversary in the sea.

Many of the shots used will be wide shots/ long shots, showing the environment  and character. 
There will be many scenes of the characters face up close to allow the audience to see the characters emotion/ feelings towards what has happened. 

When the character encounters the whale, many of the close up shots on the eyes, the whale's darkened body overshadowing the character will all be long shots, this is mainly to induce tension in the audience.

Many of the other shots will be from a wide view zooming in, however the last scene when he see's the lighthouse is not what he expected, while he's in despair the camera will be from close up (to see the characters anguish) to zoom out (making us feel some pity for the character). 


  1. hmmm... interesting premise, do you have any ideas about what sort of perils there will be?

  2. Yep there will only be one 'peril', in the middle of the journey/story he comes across a whale who does try and attack him, he fights back with the grappling hook which ends up hooking onto the whales blow hole.

    The startled whale speeds off in the direction of the "tresured lighthouse".

    (I probably should of put that in that in there...)


Important Criticism