Progress report!

After listening and agreeing with Phil's opinion I spent a couple of hours looking for a song suitable enough to fit with Rhea's walk and in turn, turntable animation.

It was rather amusing how the song got decided, it was toss up between 12 songs and I decided to get my parents to how decide what piece went with her walk (Rhea was continuously walking in the background while different songs were playing)

Amazingly enough they both agreed the last piece called "Tootsie" seemed to fit perfectly and could see it working with the rest of the animation. So I now have a soundtrack :D
You can listen to it here

I was also tossing around different ideas while setting the props down, as I wasn't sure I wanted a pedestal but I wanted her to step up onto something (I even learnt how to just for this) but after the various versions of the actual stage I realised that I'm going to have to drop that idea.
I also made the paper stacks smaller after getting an opinion from mum that maybe a bunch of smaller stacks would look better ~
has a strip of white as a step

Current version

One thing this course has taught me is that you'll be dropping ideas left right and centre. The good thing is the final looks more like my concept art and in terms of the stepping animation I know how to do something new and will be able to make a walking character step up whenever I want :D


Important Criticism