BA: Glamourous Sticky Lips

This was annoying and fun. Learned how to make shift script in the process too~
Did end up with a problem I have worked around, I have re started this process twice as well in hopes to fix it but to no avail.

I will definitely focus on this issue later.


  1. saucy stuff - but there's something not right about those bottom set of teeth - they look like 'top set' teeth not bottom set - to big for bottom set and it creates a bit of an uncanny creepy feeling - but the unsticking of the lips - particularly on the first set of lips on left in first video is working - I think when the mouth opens too much there's a bit of creepiness too, so maybe you want to look at that...

  2. Yes I noticed the creepiness too but I wasn't really sure at the time how to fix it. I will make the lower teeth smaller and more accurate. (Otherwise I guess it does look a bit like Audrey the II.)

    Open the mouth opening to much thats not a problem, most of it actions don't need the mouth open nearly as wide but I believe this is one of those neccesssary proccesses.

    About the sticky lips, yes I noted that but something went wrong a numoruous amount of times and I'm not sure how to fix it. I'll be seeing Alan today to hopefully fix the problem.


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