@Alan - Render and Blendshape Issues

I have been trying to render out a frame from my bus stop scene and Its been freezing. After rendering it out in segments I found It freezes on his face/neck mesh.

This hasn't happened on any of the other scene files either, is there a fix for this?

I copied the bus and the bustop to a rene file that was working and it seems to of stopped the problem.
It was definitely the scene file.

Also I was looking at his blendshape and realised that the skin cluster layer was not at the very
bottom but when I tried to move it there maya popped up an error (please see picture below).


  1. Hi

    Unfortunately, I will need to look at the scene. You seem to have a lot of blend shape nodes plugged in. Traditionally this should only be one or two nodes.

  2. To many Nodes... hm Ok..
    Phil said you would posting your easter availability so I'll wait to see when I can show you my scene files.


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