101 Drawings~

Well I've been working on it for a bit and run dry of ideas more times than I'd like to admit,
However looking at my colleague work I feel inspired to change my thinking on how I would traditionally think about this task (its definitely handy that I'll be working with talented people).

I've got more things to try now, which will probably only be implemented when I get to the final sketch version of it..


  1. Hey - good to see those drawings come trickling through! You've got some interesting developments going on there, but don't be afraid to use layout paper or tracing paper to simplify shapes, hybridise two/three drawings; if your a1 sheet has a collaged element, that's fine - I'm hoping to see a1 pages that absolutely bristle with ideas - not a finger's width between them! Enjoy yourself - think 'sideways'...

  2. Ah ok, I thought we had to keep it neat(ish).. I shall try to spread it out more. Thank you for the tip

  3. just keep it expressive - like a snapshot of your brain working feverishly!


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