René 3D Renders

(non PNG)


  1. Hey Lyn-Dae,

    Forgive my ignorance here :) but one of my problems with cg characters is always their rather too shiny, too plasticky sheen - there is something warm and engaging about the way you've drawn these characters originally and it just seems to me - looking at these renders - that some of the charm has disappeared; there's something very samey about all the textures (and again, this may be a provisional stage, so forgive me) - so that the clothes, the skin, the hair etc. all look as if they've been fabricated from the same stuff. Is the jumper woollen or knitted? Are those trousers tweedy, or heavy, or fine? There's something glassy and 'too cgi' about this guy - and the point about the world he's a part of is that it's vintage, and warm, and 'acoustic'. What do you think? Am I judging prematurely or do I have a point?

  2. Oh I didn't realise it still looked that way. (Did try to tweak the plastic-ness)
    I think you do have a point, I did notice it during my earlier renders before this one (and compared to them he looks less plastic like then before)
    I will keep this in mind for my future models.


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