Detalied texture shots Pt4

First attempt at eyelashes, couldn't get the transparency to work at the time.

Second attempt managed to get something going with the transparency~

Version I'm sticking with~
(happy with the result, now just to see if it works as a whole)


  1. Lyn-Dae - I can't know this to true, but I just think that your rather sensitive looking character should have slighter longer lashes :)

    I noticed that JJ's character has impressive lashes...

  2. sorry - * I can't know this to be true, but... *

  3. Hmmm.. Ok, I'll give it a try! :O
    (I will have to look at J J's character again)
    I'll post up another set of the most recent post with longer eyelashes and see how well it works :)


Important Criticism