Long Eyelash Test

Long thick Eyelashes 

Thin Long Eyelashes

Not really sure which ones better, thick I was told gives of a doll look whereas thin does not.
But for this particular character I'm not really sure...
What do you think?
Eyelashes from the side for Ruben

The eyelashes are angled straight out, when in the front view I think the shadow cast by the eyelashes make it look like they are wrapping themselves around the eye.
Should I make the eyelashes not have a shadow?


  1. in my opinion, i would go for a thin ones, what i am wondering is their orientation, the upper eyelashes seem to be facing downwards, could you just put a different picture with the a more profile look.

  2. Yes I can.
    (I think the shadow on eyelash doesn't help much either)
    Give me one second~


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