Chioma Hand Sketches

After talking to my sister about my character Chioma and his hands I realised I had not explained what inspired me to make his hands the way they are.

When I was younger my family use to play a PS1 Game called Odd world: Abe's Oddysee where you controlled Abe who is one of the many inhabitants of this world. They all look the same except for few colour changes, they all have these, what looks like, string attached around their mouths, and the blind Mudokons (That is their species) has stitches around their eyes. But their hands have only two fingers.

*OddWorld Information*

When I made Chioma I knew he was going to be realistic in a sense he would look like a human, however  to separate him from us he has only three fingers (and three toes).

I did a few sketches of his hands~


  1. you have a valid point however when you see abe he is an alien, and your character looks more of a stylised human... I am a bit fussy about havng my character with only 3 fingers and a thumb if they belong to the human race despite how cartoony they may be...

  2. I get where your coming from (and you do have a good point), I think I have to agree with your view that Chioma is definitely a stylised humanoid.

    Because he was created alongside a fantasy environment he is suppose to have something familiar about him, namely looking human, but I also did not want him to be to relate-able.


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