Oatley Academy: Homework # 1 pt 2

I did some more work on the gazelle last weekend so here's an update~

I am really enjoying this new way of painting I've been using on this project, and infact I've actually started using more of a painterly style to the rest of my work too (which I'm sure I'll post up here sooner or later).

While I've been working on this piece I've been embracing what I love about drawing which is seeing the sketching lines, something about it makes it seem... really lovely for the lack of a better word.

Listening to a few of Oatley's podcasts have re brought back the joys of drawing, painting etc.
The most prominent thing that I've remembered was about his take on rendering, and how it seems we mark a work's finished status based on how rendered it is, and realising that its not really that important, its a nice eye opener~


Important Criticism