Major Project Proposal

Not sure if I'm suppose to post my proposal on the blog or not at the moment...
However here it is:


  1. Hi Lyn-Dae

    An autobiographical project possibly? In essence its a model of project that could work (with style / animation limitations), however as an idea it needs more a bit more definition. A change of focus could also help, such as making it about 'over-ambition' so the idea of working against a clock becomes more hectic.

    Staging is also a key part of this kind of project. It doesn't need to shot all at once or at a frantic pace, cutting away and cutting back with titles is an option too - Take a look at "The Cycle of Art" on the CG Arts website (link below). So it becomes 'The five stages of a student project"...each stage having its own theme.

  2. I noticed it was going that way too...
    Ok, thank you I will check it out and make some alterations~


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