Working Update 27-12-11

For the last week or so I have been rigging and de-rigging Mave.
I've learned why I need many edges around certain areas and how it links in with reality and the like~
I.e. The skin folds on our wrists, necks, behind knees, armpits (its all making sense now)

Learning this has been great but also really frustrating because I've had to unbound Mave's body just to add more edges in for more efficient movement. So she actually has armpits now and on my fourth redu I found that her dress did not have enough lines going down it so it kept penetrating the lower leg until I bound the dress to the Ankle.

I have also been having the occurring problem where the component editor won't allow me to have half numbers, its either 1.000 or 0.000 I think I'll need help on that one.

I know what has to be done now but it is incredibly frustrating to have to go back and add on more which I didn't realise I needed~

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