SIdekick Anatomically direct direction

After our lesson with Justin I realise that I can still have my sidkick mythical (and watery) but it should be based of a real creature in a few ways to make it slightly more believable.

The creature I made in class was based in the Jungle, it was mixed with Okapi, a horse and an ostrich.

Yggi's characteristics:
- stealthy
-blends well
- fast

The main creature it will be based off is the weddell seal:

The Moray Eel/Duckbill Eel:
Two diagrams of head and spine, one showing the pharyngeal jaw at rest; the other showing the jaws extended into the mouthFile:Venefica tentaculata.jpg
File:Moray eel.jpg 
File:Gymnothorax fimbriatus.JPG

With a Desmostylus:

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