Super Villain Pt5 finished Mask & Cape

Looking good so
lets keep going :D


  1. Be careful, I think polygons are really stretched out in the neck area. Try to keep them as quadratic as possible, because it brings down the quality of your maps a lot.

  2. Thanks Dom, didn't know that.
    Would I be right to think that its 'stretched out' because of the way I have done the details on the neck, if so I'll try reducing that a bit (and checking the topology).

  3. Use smoothing brushes on the stretched polygons and then try to bring back the shape in the way that you wanted. It is not the quickest way, but it works often for me. Repeat that until there will be no weird polygons left. As you are moving polygons little by little back and forward they become more tidy, but if you do it too much you get this result with broken and weird polygons that do not work very well. The best way to fix it would be just importing it back to Maya and giving more geometry to the places where you want to have more details.

  4. I see what you mean about repeated smoothing, especially on the lower levels it really seemed to help that strange polygon looking thing go away.
    I've been able to use the technique and alter his neck a bit.
    I didn't realise I could just import it to Maya to fix said tweaks but I will use that as the last resort if I must.


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